Hi, I'm Jazmyn :)

I do research and design focused on hairy problems that affect the way our society lives and functions. I started as a behavior researcher and analyst. Then I ventured into the design world, combining my psychology and research background with design to make a thoughtful and enthusiastic User Experience Designer.

I want the work I do to improve people’s lives. With a heavy focus on research in all of it’s forms, I’m known for asking many questions and looking for clues in behavior that lead the design decisions I make. I find pleasure in learning about people, systems, and culture and then thinking of ways to untangle them through design.

I’m looking for compelling ways to use my skills to make the world a more human-friendly place. Currently, I'm living in San Francisco,CA and working as a Code for America fellow. My fellowship ends November 2015, so I'm looking for the next adventure to join so I can continue to use my skills and passions on projects that help move the world forward. If you have any ideas of what that might be, let's chat!

805.201.8509 jazmynlatimer@gmail.com

Buried in books

Currently Reading:

  • How Our Government Works - Working on civic and gov tech means working directly with government. I want to make sure I understand how it works so I can find ways to make it better.
  • Blue Blood - My Code for America fellowship is focused on police relations. I'm reading this book to learn more about the inner-workings of police culture.
  • Reality is Broken - I'm really interested in using games to teach people about systems and social problems, which is exactly what this book is about!

I've read 47 books this year!

In the real world

Here's the past few places I've been:

  • Code for America Summit - I spoke on the main stage about our fellowship project with Sgt.Brenton Garrick from Vallejo PD. We talked about building relationships with communities and using technology to support people. It was a hit!
  • CA Dept of Justice Workshop: Telling Stories with Data - I co-faciliated a workshop for the CA Attorney General's office who are releasing some datasets on their website. We did exercises to start thinking about their users, needs, and storytelling for deaths in custody data.

On the Twitter