Design Project Collection

Here is a collection of various design projects I have worked on over the years. Most projects were done with a small team of developers with me as the lead user experience researcher and designer.

Build a website for the Mulholland Citrus Farm's newly branded Delite clementines.

Design research and user experience design

I lead the design team to the Mulholland Citrus farm to research how their clementines are produced and processed, as well as hear stories directly from family members on the history of their farm. The goal was to leave with more personalized inspiration for the website and a better sense of what content should be included.

The design team speaking to farmers at Mulholland Citrus farm.

I organized insights from our design research into an empathy map to illustrate user needs to address in the website.

I worked with another developer to design and build the front-end of the website, as well as write the copy.

Build a website for school’s t-shirt campaigns and a web app for teachers to manage their school’s campaigns.

Interaction Design

Working with one other developer, I created task flows to illustrate functionality and progression between states.

Here is the final website design for Red Apple Worm's school campaigns.

Donate food vouchers to homeless people in need.

Research and mobile app design

Here is a slide from our pitch deck discussing the need for Food Forward.

Prototypes for the Food Forward mobile app where users can donate food vouchers to people in need.

Get closer to your favorite NFL stars by watching player’s Go-Pro footage of their games and practices.

Concept and mobile app design

Prototypes for the mobile app where users can follow their favorite player's Go Pro footage.

Re-design the Port Hueneme water bill so that it’s easier to use and understand.

Research and design

I visited 3 families in a Port Hueneme neighborhood and asked them to walk me through the details of their paper and online water bills. I prompted them with questions testing their mental model and understanding of what everything on their bill meant and how they strategize every 2 weeks to lower their bill.

Every family expressed confusion over most of their water bill and many said they just pay without asking any questions.

This is a snapshot from the Port Hueneme water bill payment website.

This is one of the redesigns of the online payment service I created.

Redesign a page of the San Jose parking website to focus on a clear user need.

Research and rapid prototype

This was a rapid design exercise I competed for my Code for America fellowship application. I had a couple hours to redesign the San Jose parking website, so I decided to do a quick research session around the city, organize research insights into goals, and rapidly prototype a parking website redesign.

This was the website I was to rethink for the design challenge.

During my quick research session, I walked around Ventura and took notes on citizen's confusions around parking signs and meters.

Back at home, I compiled research insights into goals to address in the design.

With not much time left, I drafted a rough mockup of the parking website redesign that focuses on helping residents find parking.

Things I learned from these projects:

Always start projects by learning about the problem

How to communicate with developers about design

Consulting with clients about design needs and decisions

Useful toolsets and methods to document the intended user experience

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I did these projects with different organizations, mostly while I was working as a freelance designer around Fresno,CA.