UX Design and Research Lead at Omniupdate

Help colleges and universities create, edit, and manage their websites using our CMS software, OUCampus.


  • User research and persona development to get the company to get to know their diverse users, how they actually use the product, and put their needs first
  • Lead interaction designer for the company’s CMS software used by colleges and universities around the country to maintain their school’s website.
  • Mobile app design and definition of OUCampus' first mobile app allowing content managers to keep their teams and web pages in sync.

Project highlights

I worked on a complete navigation and information architecture re-design for the content management system.

I started the IA redesign by putting all pages and views on coded sticky notes to test different organization schemas.

I also created concept maps detailing different section's navigation while mocking up ways users might interact with it in the product.

I did remote contextual interviews with 25 different users across 10 different schools and created personas documenting the needs of our primary and secondary users.

This was an extensive research project done on my own, as the only researcher/designer in the company. I did all recruiting, prep, interviews, coding, analysis, and persona development independently. The goal was to move away from the company's over-usage of the broad terms "users" and "customers". Instead, we wanted to learn how real universities using OU Campus organize their web teams and use the product.

I used marketing team's customer segments to recruit users across different size schools and mapped them on this grid.

After each contextual interview, I coded my notes and posted them on their own sheet. I then mapped them to find themes across different users from all interviews.

An overview of all the personas I created from the 25 contextual interviews.

Each persona had details on their specific needs and concerns as well as notes on what features they use most in OU Campus.

Since none existed when I began, I created a style guide for the product that the company used to stay on the same page, document changes, and train new hires.

Some pages from the OU Campus styleguide I created for the product team.

I worked on untangling interfaces that were frustrating or confusing for OU Campus users and worked closely with developers to get them built and tested.

I often worked on ironing out kinks in the user interface that were hard for users to understand, like this one.

For features not yet existing, I would design them from concept, to task analysis (pictured here), to full interface.

I was responsible for the complete product design of OU Mobile, a utility mobile app for website managers to manage their page approvals and team on the go.

Here are a few screens from OU Mobile.

Here is a snippet of how OU Mobile works.

Things I learned from this project:

Building a complete mobile app from start to finish

Documenting the product specifications and UX design

Explaining user research insights and design rationales in a simple and understandable way to my product management team

Experience working in development release cycles on a large web product with thousands of users

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Omniupdate is a software company who sells OU Campus, a content management system for universities and colleges to update their websites and manage their content contributors and web teams. I was the first User Experience Designer to join their development team and bring user centered practices to the company.